some rules have to be broken. 

Grain of Rice in Edmonton is all about bringing traditional Asian cuisine, locally sourced ingredients and exceptional service together. This is a challenge in Asian-business culture, as previous generations have valued reducing costs over providing outstanding quality. To overcome this challenge, we believe that some rules must be amended.

pay exactly what you see! no hidden fees, no extra tips to calculate on top.

We have broken the rules and incorporated a system that provides fair wages while maintaining high standards in the food service industry. We are a no-tip establishment.

You can expect your food to arrive hot and fresh in a timely manner, your drinks to be constantly filled and dishes to satisfy your palate every time. Our team members are committed to providing you with an unmatched experience!


Grain of Rice's Infused Water

Grain of Rice's Infused Water

Filtered water infused with mint leaves, lemon wedges and sliced cucumber. Fresh every fill.

The cost of living does not mean you can't enjoy the small things at Grain of Rice. We provide each and every customer who enters our restaurant with complimentary infused water. Just to make things a little less boring.

Locally sourced ingredients

Alberta is a unique province. We truly experience the 4 seasons in their full force, from scorching summers to blistering cold winters. This doesn't mean we stop trying to help each other out because that is not the Albertan way.

Our business sources ingredients locally, as much as humanly possible. From our cauliflowers to free-range eggs, we ensure the dollar goes back to the Alberta economy. Naturally, some of the Asian ingredients cannot be sourced locally because of our climate, but that doesn't mean we stop trying at Grain of Rice.


Alberta Beef

Alberta Beef