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Grain of Rice Wonton Eating Challenge

Hello #YEG 

 Our signature wor wonton

Our signature wor wonton

We are Grain of Rice located in Edmonton. A business that follows through with our EATS principle. We are a restaurant that serves traditional flavours (although some customers seem to say they know "authentic taste" better than we do, we beg to differ.) through Education, Accountability, Transparency and Sustainability. Our emphasis in our foods are simple staple foods from the Chinese & Vietnamese culture. 

In the following months, we will be focusing on one of the most popular Chinese foods through our Wonton Challenge. It's simple, it's delicious and it's rewarding. $500 pot rewarding. 

Here's what you need to know:

1. There will be a 1 minute time limit
2. The quantity of wontons are to be 30 in 1 minute.
3. Candidates will have to sign a waiver and pre-pay for their food. This counts towards your entry fee, and $2 will be donated to the Edmonton's HOPE Mission. An additional $2 will be rewarded back into the pot if a candidate does not successfully complete the challenge. The rest of the money goes into our operational & food costs. 
4. If you puke, it's over. 
5. If you have your friend take a bite, it's over.
6. By over, we mean that you've lost and maybe stick to eating regular portions cuz you're weak!
7. In Singapore, Joey Chestnut, from California has eaten 380 wontons in 8 minutes. Crazy, right?
8. We want to be realistic with our challenge and will be choosing an adequate amount. We are starting at 30 wontons in 1 minute. 
9. The size of our wontons are 25g, just slightly larger than a chicken nugget.
10. The prize pot is $500

wonton challenge